Teaching is Poetry

Teaching breathes and stretches and transcends like poetry.  No two learners can interpret the verse of teaching the same, just as no two teachers can write the same verse.  No matter what the rhyme scheme or theme, it is the process of learning that makes education poetry. 

This quote from Chase Mielke’s blog AffectiveLiving describing the concept of teaching as poetry I found to be truly inspirational. When Mielke writes about ‘no two learners interpreting the verse the same’ he obviously understands, as only a teacher can, how two people in the same lesson walk away with two completely different understandings of what has been taught. 

As an aspiring teacher I have been following Mielke’s blog for a couple of months and find this blog to have some great posts from the perspective of a teacher who cares about his students. On the days when I am questioning why this is the dream I have chosen to fulfil I need only to check AffectiveLiving to remind me how much I like working with students. Thanks to views put forward from quality teachers like this I will continue with my goal to achieve my life long dream. Thank you.


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